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I love to read books. If a writer does their job right, a book can propel me into a world of adventure, fantasy, and romance.

I used to read many fantasy/adventure books as a kid, especially when the stress of life got me down, which it often did. The stories I read even inspired me to try my hand at writing a few short stories. I actually tried to write an entire novel as well, but nothing came of it. Life distracted me a little too much at the time.


Still, the idea of writing books for a living fired my imagination. To be able to touch people's minds and hearts with words inspired my creativity like nothing else. How cool would it be to write a story and have people enjoy it so much, they would clamor for more?


A few years ago while talking to a friend online, she showed me several pictures of our favorite entertainer. One in particular froze me to the spot, giving me chills. As I stared at the photo, an entire story unfolded in my mind. I practically burned up my keyboard trying to write it down.


My friend moved on to other interests, but I was hooked on writing once again. This story fueled my imagination so much, I knew I needed help to improve my skills and get this book published. I sought out writing sites and found There, I posted part of my work and hoped for the best. I was rewarded with many positive reviews and great suggestions for improving my writing skills. I'm very grateful for the help I received from members. Many Thanks, my friends, from Blue-Inspired.

I'm nearly finished with my book, and have plenty of ideas for more. On this site, you'll get a glimpse of my work through excerpts and character photo inspirations. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please let me know how I'm doing.

After taking a good look around, I hope you become a Fan. Wishing all of you creativity and Inspiration.

Chris A. Buettner

Fantasy Romance Writer

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